Murray Greys

Our approach to production of commercial beef is to cross Lowline bulls with purebred Murray Greys.

It has been shown that purebred first crosses can be of the order of 20% superior to purebred cattle in key genetic characteristics – a concept known as hybrid vigor – and we believe that in this way we can produce a better carcase.

This approach has been amply demonstrated in carcase competitions.

Our choice of Murray Greys was influenced by the Angus ancestry they share with Lowlines and their outstanding breed characteristics. Developed from an initial chance mating of a black Aberdeen Angus bull and a roan Shorthorn cow in 1905, Murray Greys are known world-wide for the economically important traits of calving ease, feed efficiency, and carcase quality. They produce marbled beef carcases with intramuscular seam fat of the type that is preferred in Japan and other Asian markets. Murray Greys are naturally polled, docile, calve easily, milk well and grow quickly. Like Lowlines, Murray Greys are easy to finish on grass alone which is a key factor in our aim to produce premium grass fed beef.

In 2008, for the first time in the history of the Midland Bull Test and sale in Columbus, Montana, a Murray Grey bull scored a perfect 10 on the genetic test for marbling and a near perfect 9 on the genetic test for tenderness. No bull of any breed has ever performed so well before.

Murray Greys dominate Taste Test competitions. Their success in carcase competitions is legendary in Australia. Over the past decade, Murray Grey steers and carcases have won every major commercial competition in Australia. In fact Murray Greys have become the most successful breed in Australian inter-breed steer and carcase competitions.

The majority of our Murray Greys were sourced from Tim Perkins at The Ultimate Murray Greys. Tim has been breeding Murray Greys for almost 20 years.