Our choice of Australian Lowlines for Onyx Park Stud was dictated by considerations of manageability, efficiency and marketability.

As first time farmers, the advantages of naturally docile and very easily handled cattle were obvious, as was the reputation of Lowlines as good mothers.

Their efficiency in converting grass to beef on the table (demonstrated by high carcase yields and success in carcase competitions) was also a key factor in making our decision.

Finally, the reputation of their beef as tender and well marbled (as a result of their Angus ancestry) meant marketability of Lowline and Lowline cross produce would be assured.

We were also encouraged by the supportiveness of the Lowline community, in particular that of Margo Heyes of Vitulus Lowline Cattle Stud. Margo has greatly assisted us in establishing our initial Lowline herd of cattle and we look forward to working with her in continuing to promote the breed.

The majority contingent of our initial herd has been settled in at Onyx Park, with the exception of Vitulus Divine who is playing a part in Margo’s team for the Sydney Royal Easter Show (and who has already won ribbons for us in shows at Pittsworth and Oakey) and Weeroona Strepp, our oldest female who is directly decended from the original Trangie herd. Strepp has just produced Onyx Park First Strike, the first Onyx Park bull, and is staying with Margo for a few months.