Migaloo - the Australian White Humpback Whale

We were headed in search of juvenile black marlin at the outer reef north west of Townsville in rough seas and 20 - 25 knot winds when we sighted Migaloo steaming along east of Palm Island. We stopped to watch as he showed off, breaching at least five times, swimming alongside the boat and even coming over to investigate.

We weren't sure what he might mistake us for, so we kept our distance but we got some great video and photos.

Migaloo is the only documented all-white humpback whale in the world.

First sighted on 28th June, 1991 passing Byron Bay - Australia's most easterly point - Migaloo is an adult male member of the east Australian humpback population, suspected to number around 8-10,000 individuals in 2007.

The name means "white fella" in the language of the Australian Aboriginal community of the Hervey Bay area in Queeensland.

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Visit the official Migaloo site.