Captain Jared Weir

Jared has been fishing for over 20 years - the last 17 as captain - in some of the most prolific sport fishing destinations in the southwest Pacific. He began his professional career in Vanuatu where he was instrumental in establishing areas such as the Maskelyne Group that are now considered some of the country's legendary grounds. Jared has fished extensively in the Port Stephens and Gold Coast areas as well as his home base of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

He has served under renowned sport fishing figures such as Capt. Marcus Thomson (Vanuatu), Capt. Dean Beech and Capt. Geoff Ferguson (Australia) and Capt. Mike Stine (USA). Jared has been part of the Shaka team since its inception and was intimately involved in Shaka's design and construction. Some of his career highlights include -

2007 Angler Daniel Spencer - 1,120lb Black Marlin, Linden Bank, GBR
2006 Angler John Hendry - 20 tagged Black Marlin, GBR Heavy Tackle season
        1,000+lb Black Marlin on 3 consecutive days
2005 Gold Coast Light Tackle Tournament Champion Boat
        Gold Coast Light Tackle Tournament Champion Angler
2004 19th Annual Lizard Island Tournament Champion Boat Runner-Up
        Angler Phil Wardle - tagged Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish
2002 NSW Interclub Champion Visiting Boat
        Angler Simon Dean - 174 lb Bigeye Tuna (second largest in Australia)
1999 AIBT Port Stephens 3rd Place
1996 Vanuatu All Tackle Record Blue Marlin 685.8lb
1995 Vanuatu Classic Runner Up Champion Boat
        Vanuatu All Tackle Record Dogtooth Tuna 144.5 lb
1993 Vanuatu 80lb line class Record Sailfish 185.5 lb
        Air Vanuatu Easter Tournament Champion Angler
        VGFC Tournament Heaviest Blue Marlin Capture
1992 One day, one angler, 37 Yellowfin Tuna (50-100lb), 14 Wahoo
        Pentecost Vanua / PVGFC Classic Champion Boat
        Pentecost Vanua / PVGFC Champion Angler
1992 Vanuatu All Tackle Record Wahoo 103.6 lb
1991 Vanuatu All Tackle Record Blue Marlin 456 lb
        Vanuatu All Tackle Record Yellowfin Tuna 178 lb