Giant Black Marlin for 40 years

On the 25th of September, 1966, American crewman, Richard C. Obach fishing on a crew day with Captain George Bransford on his game fishing vessel Sea Baby I caught a large black marlin off Euston Reef, approximately 30 nautical miles from Cairns.

This marlin, weighing 1,064 pounds was caught using 80 pound (37 kg) line. It turned out to be a new world record, eclipsing the old mark of 871 pounds and the first marlin ever caught on rod and reel over 1,000 pounds using 80 pound line.

The capture of this fish put Cairns on the world game fishing map, and was the commencement of international tourism that Cairns is now famous for.

The northern Great Barrier Reef is the only known spawning grounds for giant Black Marlin in the world. Stretching 150nm from Lizard Island in the north to just south of Cairns, this area produces more ‘granders’ each season than all other regions in the world combined. The GBR is regularly rated the number one game fishing region on the planet.

Each year giant Black Marlin, some in excess of 1,000 lb, return to the GBR around mid - September to spawn. They feed on the plentiful supply of tuna and Pacific game fish and around mid - December they head back out to the Pacific Ocean.

The thrill of hooking up and fighting one of these magnificent creatures has to be experienced to be believed. It is arguably the ultimate contest…the skill of the angler versus one of nature's greatest fighting machines …and has become the holy grail of game fishing.